Kerhes MAI®APP Education

is a cloud based state-of-the-art web and mobile service offering for colleges worldwide.

Kerhes, like its root 'kerh' helps you help your students to grow their skills and gain lifetime benefits. The software draws on subject matter expertise from leading academics, with contributions from various types of institutions, that include Information Technology Colleges, Polytechnic Colleges, Dental Colleges, Colleges of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Arts & Science, and Advanced Training Institutes.

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Efficient management of your programs, locations, courses and students without incurring huge infrastructure costs. Increases collaboration between you, instructors and students.


Empower your students and fuel their growth using paid and unpaid practicum. Seamless process for college, employers and students to collaborate and track practicum from application to completion.


Manage student residence halls and campus housing. Assist students to manage their residence requirements like preferred building and room mate choices. Bill and collect payments from parents.

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How it Works!

Future proof your systems and enhance your offerings globally using our state-of-art technology, platform and services. Our intuitive and easy-to-use mobile and web offerings enhance job-match experience for you, your student and the employer while streamlining your processes.


Manage your relationships effectively. Take employer connections further by delivering interview opportunities, hosting great career fairs, connecting with alumni mentors, and more.


Prepare your students for the hiring/interview process. Assist students with resume preparation, completion of pre-requisites and the application process, and more.


Students zoom in on multiple practicum opportunites based on thier preferences. Our seamless process increases employment opportunites and facilitates better communication, and more.

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Our intuitive, flexible, integrated yet modular design allows our customers to choose one or all of our products. We use Web API to integrate with systems that you may already have in place to help you leverage your investments. Information at your fingertips using mobile platforms, excellent customer service and feature rich flexible customizations are a hallmark of our products.

Optimized for cloud

Our cloud optimized design structure allows students to make the most of their education, from virtually any geographic Location.


Our analytics engine allows schools to observe trends in student placement, to help further refine the process for future years.

Mobile app suite and platform

Our refined, easy to use mobile suite allows students to conveniently track and manage their placements. Push real-time updates & stay connected with your students.


Educators improve efficiency and outcomes wiht best-of-breed technology, in use globally. Our high quality and lower average cost scalable cloud hosted offering helps you save precious dollars and refocus on education. A 24X7 environment to zero in on practicums, practical experience-internships, service learning - helps your students find their place in it.


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